How to find out Search Partners’ performance in Adwords

Google provides very little information and control over traffic from search partners. You get a checkbox options under the campaign settings to opt in to Google search partners and that’s about it. You can’t pick and choose which partners, you can’t adjust bids or keywords or tailored ads.

And it seems Google doesn’t provide data on the performance of these search partners. Well, actually, we can get this data, it’s just buried a little bit. Here’s how to find it.

Go to the campaign view and click on the Segment icon above the main table. Then choose Network as shown in the screenshot here. That’s it. Now you have a whole new set of data - imps, clicks, cost, av cpc, etc - that could radically change your data-driven decisions. What’s more, this data is also available at the adgroup, keyword and ad level.


What’s particularly useful in this segmented view is the CTR metric. Very often Google Search will have a much higher CTR than search partners but if the impression from search partners is very high, it’s going to bring down the overall CTR, making you think that the ads are not effective.

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